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기사입력 2023-05-04

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충남 논산시가 봄철 성수기를 맞은 캠핑장ㆍ글램핑장 불법행위에 대해 5월 한 달 동안 집중단속에 나선다고 밝혔다. 


이번 단속에서 논산시는 관내 캠핑 시설 16곳과 주변 음식점을 대상으로 타 지자체와의 합동ㆍ교차 단속을 실시할 계획이다.


중점 단속사항은 무허가ㆍ무신고 영업행위 ,무표시 제품 및 유통기한 경과 제품 사용ㆍ보관ㆍ판매 ,위생적 취급기준 및 시설기준 준수 ,원산지 거짓 표시 및 표시법 위반 여부 등이 집중 단속대상이 된다.


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Nonsan City, intensive crackdown on illegal activities at camping sites and glamping sites during peak season


Nonsan City, Chungcheongnam-do, announced that it would conduct intensive crackdowns for the month of May on illegal activities at camping sites and glamping sites during the peak season in spring.


In this crackdown, Nonsan City plans to conduct joint and crossing crackdowns with other local governments for 16 camping facilities and nearby restaurants.


Key crackdowns include unlicensed and unreported business activities, use, storage, and sales of unlabeled products and products with expiration dates, compliance with sanitary handling standards and facility standards, and false indications of origin and violation of the labeling law.

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