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기사입력 2023-09-18

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국립공주대학교가 2024학년도 수시모집(정원내외) 결과 올해 고3 학생수가 지난해에 비해 3만 2847명(7.6%) 감소하여 역대 최저치로 나타났으나 국립공주대학교 지원자 수에는 큰 영향을 미치지 않은 것으로 나타났다.


국립공주대학교 2024학년도 수시모집결과 3030명 모집에 19402명이 지원하여 6.4:1의 경쟁률을 기록했다고 밝혔다.


2024학년도 수시 모집 정원내 경쟁률은 2659명 모집에 18058명이 지원해 6.79:1, 정원외 경쟁률은 371명 모집에 1344명이 지원하여 3.62:1의 경쟁률을 보였다.


전형유형별 경쟁률은 학생부종합전형 1,269명 모집에 8541명이 지원해 6.73:1, 학생부교과전형 1,615명 모집에 9057명이 지원해 5.61:1, 실기/실적전형 146명 모집에 1804명이 지원해 12.36:1로 나타났다.


단과대학별 지원결과를 살펴보면 사범대학은 486명 모집에 3527명이 지원해 7.26:1, 인문사회과학대학은 471명 모집에 3074명이 지원해 6.53:1, 자연과학대학은 240명 모집에 1363명이 지원해 5.68:1, 간호보건대학은 154명 모집에 1369명이 지원해 8.89:1, 예술대학은 188명 모집에 2379명 지원해 12.65:1, 본부 소속 61명 모집에 260명이 지원해 4.26:1, 천안에 위치한 천안공과대학은 985명 모집에 5072명이 지원해 5.15:1, 예산에 위치한 산업과학대학은 445명 모집에 2358명이 지원해 5.30:1의 경쟁률을 기록했다.


특히, 올해 수시모집에서 새롭게 선발하는 체육교육과(학생부교과 일반전형)가 35.4:1로 가장 높은 경쟁률을 보였다.


한편, 공주대 2024학년도 수시모집 실기고사는 오는 10월 24일부터 11월 22일 사이에 모집단위별로 진행되며, 학생부종합전형 면접은 오는 11월 26일부터 11월 29일 사이에 단과대학별로 진행한다. 


*아래는 위 기사를 '구글 번역'으로 번역한 영문 기사의 [전문]입니다. '구글번역'은 이해도를 높이기를 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 영문 번역에 오류가 있을 수 있음을 전제로 합니다.<*The following is [the full text] of the English article translated by 'Google Translate'. 'Google Translate' is working hard to improve understanding. It is assumed that there may be errors in the English translation.>


Kongju National University recorded a competition rate of 6.4:1 for regular admissions


As a result of Kongju National University's regular recruitment for the 2024 school year (within or out of quota), the number of high school seniors this year decreased by 32,847 (7.6%) compared to last year, which is the lowest ever, but it did not appear to have a significant impact on the number of applicants to Kongju National University. .


Kongju National University announced that as a result of its regular recruitment for the 2024 academic year, 19,402 people applied for 3,030 students, recording a competition rate of 6.4:1.


The competition rate within the 2024 regular recruitment quota was 6.79:1, with 18,058 applicants for 2,659 students, and the competition rate outside of the quota was 3.62:1, with 1,344 applicants for 371 students.


The competition rate by admission type was 6.73:1 with 8,541 applicants applying for the student department comprehensive screening to recruit 1,269 students, 5.61:1 with 9,057 applicants applying for the student department subject screening to recruit 1,615 students, and 12.36:1 with 1,804 applicants applying for the practical/performance screening to recruit 146 students.


Looking at the application results by college, the College of Education had 3,527 applicants for 486 students, 7.26:1, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences had 3,074 applicants for 471 students, 6.53:1, and the College of Natural Sciences had 1,363 applicants for 240 students, 5.68:1. , the College of Nursing and Health was 8.89:1 with 1,369 applicants for 154 students, the College of Arts was 12.65:1 with 2,379 applicants for 188 students, 4.26:1 with 260 applicants for 61 students from the headquarters, and Cheonan Institute of Technology located in Cheonan. 5,072 people applied for 985 students, recording a competition rate of 5.15:1, and the College of Industrial Sciences located in Yesan recorded a competition rate of 5.30:1, with 2,358 people applying for 445 people.


In particular, the Department of Physical Education (General Admission for Student Affairs), which is newly selected in this year's rolling admissions, showed the highest competition rate at 35.4:1.


Meanwhile, the practical exam for Kongju University's 2024 regular recruitment will be conducted by each recruiting unit between October 24 and November 22, and the student record comprehensive screening interview will be conducted by college between November 26 and November 29. .

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