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기사입력 2023-11-17

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겨울철로 접어든 요즘 갑작스런 폭설이 예상되면서 이에 대한 사전 준비의 필요성이 요구되는 가운데 충남 아산시가 17일 오전 5시 적설 상황을 가정한 ‘겨울철 도로 제설 모의훈련’을 시행했다고 밝혔다.


이번 훈련은 비상소집 발령으로 현장감을 높인 가운데, 도로 제설 대응 역량을 강화하고 적설 발생 시 교통 혼란 예방 및 시민의 생명과 재산을 보호하기 위해 마련됐다.


특히 도로관리과 직원 35명과 제설작업용역업체 덤프트럭 17대, 굴삭기 5대, 읍면동 제설담당자가 투입돼 도로 제설 시 작업 응소 시간 확인 및 전진 기지별 해당 노선을 예행했다. 


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Asan City completes preparations for road snow removal in preparation for heavy snowfall in winter


As the winter season approaches, sudden heavy snowfall is expected and the need for advance preparation is required. Asan City, South Chungcheong Province, announced on the 17th that it conducted a ‘winter road snow removal simulation training’ assuming a snowfall situation at 5 am on the 17th.


This training was designed to increase the sense of reality by issuing an emergency call, strengthen road snow removal response capabilities, prevent traffic chaos in the event of snowfall, and protect the lives and property of citizens.


In particular, 35 employees of the Road Management Department, 17 dump trucks and 5 excavators from a snow removal service company, and snow removal personnel from towns, villages, and villages were deployed to confirm response times for road snow removal and rehearse the corresponding routes for each advance base.

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