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기사입력 2023-12-05

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대전 서구가 집중안전점검 최우수 기관에 선정됐다.


대전 서구에 따르면 대한민국 안전대전환 2023년 집중안전점검에 대한 대전광역시 추진 실적 평가에서 2년 연속 최우수 자치구로 선정됐다고 5일 밝혔다.


이번 평가는 지난 4월 17일부터 6월 16일까지 실시된 안전대전환 집중안전점검 관련 안전점검의 실효성, 안전점검 확산 실적, 환류의 적절성, 결과공개와 이력 관리, 정책기여도 등 총 5개 분야, 30개 세부 지표로 진행됐다.


이번 평가에서 서구는 주민 참여 점검, 첨단기술장비 활용, 분야별 외부전문가 인력풀(178명) 구성 등 실효성 있는 점검을 추진해 2년 연속 ‘최우수’에 이름을 올렸다.


서철모 청장은 “집중안전점검 기간뿐만 아니더라도 재난 취약 시설물을 발굴하고 지속적이고 내실 있는 시설물 안전 점검으로 안전한 서구가 되도록 노력하겠다”라고 말했다.


한편, 서구는 올해 총 93개소 안전점검 추진 결과, 지적사항 조치 중인 일부 민간 시설물에 대해 지속해서 조치를 독려하고 있으며, 보수보강이 필요한 시설 14개 공공시설에 대해서는 예산확보 노력 등 시설 개선 사업을 통해 구민 안전을 확보해 나가고 있다.


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Seo-gu, Daejeon, selected as the best autonomous district in intensive safety inspection


Daejeon Seo-gu was selected as the best organization for intensive safety inspection.


According to Daejeon Seo-gu, it was announced on the 5th that it was selected as the best autonomous district for two consecutive years in the performance evaluation of Daejeon Metropolitan City for the 2023 intensive safety inspection of Korea's safety transition.


This evaluation was carried out from April 17 to June 16 in a total of five areas, including the effectiveness of safety inspections related to the safety inspection, safety inspection expansion performance, appropriateness of feedback, result disclosure and history management, and policy contribution. It was conducted with 30 detailed indicators.


In this evaluation, Seo-gu was named ‘Best’ for two consecutive years by promoting effective inspections such as resident participation inspection, use of cutting-edge technology equipment, and formation of a pool of external experts (178 people) in each field.


Commissioner Seo Cheol-mo said, “We will make efforts to make Seo-gu safe by discovering disaster-vulnerable facilities and conducting continuous and substantial facility safety inspections, not only during the intensive safety inspection period.”


Meanwhile, as a result of safety inspections at a total of 93 locations this year, the West continues to encourage action on some private facilities that are subject to criticism, and for 14 public facilities in need of repair and reinforcement, through facility improvement projects such as efforts to secure budgets. We are ensuring the safety of our residents.

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