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기사입력 2023-12-05

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대전문화재단이 5일 대전시청에 마련된 대전사회복지공동모금회 ‘희망 2024 나눔캠페인’에 참여했다.


이번 행사는 연말연시 어려운 이웃을 돕기 위해 대전문화재단 임직원 50여명이 참여해 160만원을 모금했으며, 백춘희 대표이사가 행사장을 방문해 직접 기부했다.


백춘희 대표이사는 “사람들에게 장미를 나눠주니 손에 장미향이 남았다는 말처럼 나눔으로 세상에 온기가 남길 수 있다”며 “앞으로도 대전문화재단은 물질적 기부뿐 아니라, 문화예술로 세상에 온기를 전하기 위한 활동을 펼칠 것”이라고 약속했다.


한편, 대전문화재단은 지난 7월 ‘플리마켓 함께하장’을 통해 발생한 수익금 1237만원을 6.25참전유공자회 대전시지부에 기부했으며, 사랑의 김치배달 ,현충원 묘역정비활동 ,녹색문화확산사업 등 다양한 사회공헌활동을 펼치고 있다.


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Daejeon Cultural Foundation participates in the 2024 Sharing Campaign


Daejeon Cultural Foundation participated in the Daejeon Community Chest of Korea’s ‘Hope 2024 Sharing Campaign’ held at Daejeon City Hall on the 5th.


In this event, about 50 executives and employees of the Daejeon Cultural Foundation participated and raised 1.6 million won to help neighbors in need during the year-end holidays, and CEO Baek Chun-hee visited the event venue and personally donated.


CEO Baek Chun-hee said, “Just as the saying goes that when you hand out roses to people, the scent of roses remains on your hands, sharing can leave warmth in the world,” adding, “In the future, Daejeon Cultural Foundation will continue to carry out activities to convey warmth to the world through culture and arts as well as material donations.” “It will,” he promised.


Meanwhile, the Daejeon Cultural Foundation donated 12.37 million won in profits generated through the 'Flea Market Together' event last July to the Daejeon branch of the Korean War Veterans Association, and various social contributions such as kimchi delivery with love, cemetery maintenance activities at the National Cemetery, and green culture expansion projects. activities are underway.

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