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기사입력 2023-12-12

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대전시의회 예산결산특별위원회(이하 예결위, 위원장 정명국)는 지난 5일부터 12월 11일까지 회의를 열고, 2024년도 대전시 예산안 및 기금운용계획안을 심사·의결했다고 밝혔다.


시장이 제출한 2024년도 예산안 총 규모는 기정예산 대비 0.4% 감소한 6조 5329억 7400만원으로, 일반회계는 5조 4677억 2200만원, 특별회계는 1조 652억 5200만원이며, 기금운용 계획안은 기정 계획 대비 3.9% 감소한 9403억 4100만원을 편성하여 의회에 제출했다.


세입예산은 특별한 문제점이 없어 원안대로 심사하였고, 일반회계 세출예산은 재정운영상 과다계상 되었거나 불요불급하다고 판단되는 사업 15건에 대해 21억 2324만 5천원을 삭감하여 내부유보금으로 증액 계상하였고, 특별회계 세출예산은 과다계상되었다고 판단되는 사업 1건에 대해 1399만 5천원을 삭감하여 내부유보금으로 반영했다.


아울러, 2024년도 기금운용 계획안은 수입 및 지출계획 모두 특별한 문제점이 없어 원안대로 심사했으며, 2024년도 예산안은 12월 15일 제3차 본회의에서 최종 의결될 예정이다.


정명국 예결특위 위원장(국민의힘, 동구 3)은 예산안 심사과정에서 야간경관 사업, 유기성 폐자원 통합바이오 가스화 시설 설치 사업 등 사전절차를 누락하고 예산을 편성한 사업에 대해서 강하게 질타하며 개선을 요구했다. 


또한, 누들대전 축제 등 행사성 예산의 경우 사업 주체선정, 추진시기, 방법 등을 면밀한 검토를 통해 추진할 것을 당부했다.


내년은 세입 감소로 어려운 재정여건이 예상되는 가운데 대전시는 지방채무 최소화 등 건전재정 운영을 위한 대책 마련과 체계적인 재정효율화 방안을 마련해야 한다고 강조했다.


아울러, 시민 모두가 행복한 대전을 위해 서민과 사회적 약자들을 두텁게 지원하는 약자 복지 강화 등 취약계층 보호에도 소홀함이 없도록 대전시의 적극적인 정책추진을 당부했다.


*아래는 위 기사를 '구글 번역'으로 번역한 영문 기사의 [전문]입니다. '구글번역'은 이해도를 높이기를 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 영문 번역에 오류가 있을 수 있음을 전제로 합니다.<*The following is [the full text] of the English article translated by 'Google Translate'. 'Google Translate' is working hard to improve understanding. It is assumed that there may be errors in the English translation.>


Daejeon City Council's Special Committee on Budget and Budget resolves the 2024 Daejeon City budget plan


The Daejeon City Council's Budget and Settlement Special Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Budget and Accounts Committee, Chairman Jeong Myeong-guk) announced that it held a meeting from the 5th to December 11th and reviewed and resolved the 2024 Daejeon City budget and fund management plan.


  The total size of the 2024 budget submitted by the mayor is KRW 6,532.974 billion, a 0.4% decrease from the budget, with the general account being KRW 5,467.722 billion and the special accounting being KRW 1,652.52 billion. The fund management plan is already established. 940.341 billion won, a 3.9% decrease from the plan, was allocated and submitted to the National Assembly.


  The revenue budget was reviewed according to the original plan as there were no special problems, and the general accounting expenditure budget was reduced by 2,123,245,000 won for 15 projects that were judged to be overstated or unnecessary in terms of financial operations and increased and recorded as internal reserves, and special accounting. In the expenditure budget, 13,995,000 won was reduced for one project that was judged to be overstated and reflected as internal reserves.


  In addition, the 2024 fund management plan was reviewed as original as there were no special problems with both the income and expenditure plans, and the 2024 budget plan is scheduled to be finalized at the 3rd plenary session on December 15.


Jeong Myeong-guk, chairman of the Special Committee on Budget and Budget (People Power Party, Dong-gu 3), strongly criticized projects that omitted preliminary procedures and allocated budgets during the budget review process, such as the night landscape project and the organic waste resources integrated bio-gasification facility installation project, and requested improvements. did.


In addition, in the case of event budgets such as the Noodle Wars Festival, it was requested to proceed through careful review of the selection of project entities, timing and methods of implementation, etc.


As difficult financial conditions are expected next year due to a decrease in tax revenue, Daejeon City emphasized that it must prepare measures for sound financial operation, such as minimizing local debt, and prepare systematic financial efficiency measures.


In addition, in order to ensure that all citizens are happy in Daejeon, he requested that Daejeon City actively pursue policies to ensure that the protection of the vulnerable is not neglected, such as strengthening welfare for the underprivileged and providing strong support for the common people and the socially disadvantaged.

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