세종시, 지역화폐 여민전 할인율 5→7%로 확대

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기사입력 2024-02-28

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세종시가 3월부터 지역화폐 관련 국비 38억 3600만 원이 확보됨에 따른 것으로, 침체된 소비를 촉진하고 지역 상권에 활력을 불어넣기 위해 여민전(세종사랑상품권) 할인율을 현행 5%에서 7%로 확대한다고 밝혔다.


다만, 개인당 구매 한도는 현행 월 50만 원에서 월 40만 원으로 조정되나, 할인율 확대로 인해 시민이 받을 수 있는 혜택은 월 최대 2만 8000원으로 늘어난다.


올해 3월로 네 돌을 맞는 여민전은 그간 총 1조 1710억 원을 발행했으며, 가맹점 1만 5000여 곳, 회원수 21만 명으로 급속 성장해 지역 내 소비 진작을 통한 경제 활성화에 기여했다는 평가를 받고 있다.


세종시는 올해 총 2580억 원 규모의 여민전을 발행할 예정으로 예산 확보 등 원활한 사업 추진을 위해 세종시의회와도 긴밀한 협력체계를 이어 나갈 계획이다.


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Sejong City, local currency women’s exhibition discount rate expanded from 5 to 7%


As Sejong City has secured 3.836 billion won in local currency-related government funds since March, the discount rate for Yeominjeon (Sejong Love Gift Certificate) has been increased from the current 5% to 7% to promote sluggish consumption and revitalize the local commercial district. It was announced that it would be expanded to .


However, the purchase limit per individual will be adjusted from the current 500,000 won per month to 400,000 won per month, but the benefits that citizens can receive will increase to a maximum of 28,000 won per month due to the expansion of the discount rate.


Yeominjeon, which celebrates its fourth anniversary in March of this year, has issued a total of 1.171 trillion won and has grown rapidly to over 15,000 franchises and 210,000 members, and is evaluated as having contributed to revitalizing the economy by promoting consumption in the region. .


Sejong City plans to issue a women's exhibition worth a total of 258 billion won this year and plans to continue a close cooperation system with the Sejong City Council to ensure smooth project implementation, including securing the budget.

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